Microplate Reader Solutions

Microplate Reader Solutions

Easy-to-use, intuitive, configurable microplate readers with industry-leading, SoftMax Pro Software solution for increased productivity

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SpectraMax Microplate Readers and SoftMax Pro Software

For over 40 years, we have partnered with scientists to expand the boundaries of their research. Our SpectraMax® microplate readers and SoftMax® Pro software are the industry's most cited and have empowered life science researchers to advance protein and cell biology―breaking the barriers to novel, landmark discoveries.

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SpectraMax Microplate Readers

SpectraMax Microplate Readers

Scientist using SpectraMax Microplate Readers

Our extensive SpectraMax® line of user-friendly microplate readers – the industry’s most cited brand – provide great flexibility for labs conducting applications ranging from ELISAs to nucleic acid and protein quantitation, and include absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and more

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Multi-mode Readers

SpectraMax i3x

Multi-mode Microplate Readers

Our multi-mode plate readers provide great flexibility and include absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence with configurable options for fluorescence polarization (FP), time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), FRET, and AlphaScreen. Upgradeable modules are also available including western blot, cell imaging, and fast kinetics with injectors.

Multi-mode readers

Single-mode readers

Single-mode Microplate Reader

Single-mode Microplate Reader

Consider your application needs, and if your budget is modest, a single-mode reader dedicated to your main application would be the most logical choice. The three most common detection modes include:

Absorbance readers

Fluorescence readers

Luminescence readers

Acquisition and Analysis Software

SoftMax Pro Software

SoftMax Pro Software

SoftMax® Pro Software is the most published microplate reader control and data analysis software in the industry. Designed to provide the simplicity, flexibility and power required for advanced data analysis. It provides ready-to-run protocols, analysis algorithms, and 21 different curve fit options.

SoftMax Pro Software

SoftMax Pro GxP Software

GxP Compliance Solutions

GxP Compliance & Validation Solutions

GxP Compliance & Validation Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of proven compliance solutions for GMP/GLP labs can advance your efforts to quickly and confidently establish a compliant laboratory.

  • Best-in-class microplate readers and washers
  • SoftMax Pro Software helps achieve full FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Software installation services
  • IQ/OQ/PM services
  • SpectraTest Validation Plates and recertification

GxP compliance

Lab Automation and Customization

Lab Automation for High-throughput Plate-based Assays

Lab Automation for Plate-based Assays

Plate-based assays form the cornerstone of many laboratory research programs. Whether you are performing biochemical assays, binding/affinity or cell-based assays we work with you to build flexible, scalable, future-proof workcells for high-throughput screening.

HT plate-based assays

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Which plate reader is right for you?

Evaluating microplate readers doesn’t have to be overwhelming. First, consider your application needs. If your budget is modest, a single-mode reader dedicated to your main application may be the most sensible choice. If you are working with—or anticipate exploring—a greater variety of applications, a multi-mode reader would be the better choice.

Ultimate Guide to Microplate Reader Solutions

A microplate reader is an essential and versatile lab instrument that detects and measures biological, chemical, or physical events in microtiter samples; used in various scientific applications and assays, such as ELISAs, DNA quantification, gene expression analysis, and enzyme kinetics. It offers various options and functionalities including a combination of light sources, optical filters, detectors, and data analysis software—making it challenging to select the most suitable reader for your laboratory.

This eBook tells you everything you need to know about microplate readers, from plate reader technology and detection modes, to popular applications and key considerations, to GxP compliance for GMP/GLP labs and special tips and tricks to help maximize your research time.

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Applications and Research

Find an extensive collection of application notes, research, and detection technology related to microplate reader assays and applications including ELISAs, western blots, and protein and nucleic acid detection.

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Complete solution of high-performance labware from microplate stackers and washers to a broad range of consumables and assays.