Organoid Innovation Center

Organoid Innovation Center

Modular, automated 3D cell culture and image analysis lab enables customers to streamline and scale organoid interrogation, advancing drug discovery research

Automated 3D cell culture and image analysis lab streamlines and scales complex biology research

The new Organoid Innovation Center at Molecular Devices combines cutting-edge technologies with novel 3D biology methods to address key challenges of scaling complex 3D biology.

The collaborative space brings customers and researchers into the lab to test automated workflows for organoid culturing and screening, with guidance from in-house scientists.

An end-to-end solution standardizes the organoid development process with cell culture, treatment, and incubation, through to imaging, analysis, and data processing, delivering consistent, unbiased, and biologically-relevant results at scale.

Quickly adopt innovative, 3D biological methods and technologies for drug discovery

The center expands beyond imaging to demonstrate a fully-integrated solution that addresses the challenges associated with every step in the sample prep-to-report pipeline for assays performed on complex 3D biological models.

The Organoid Innovation Center showcases cutting-edge instruments that work harmoniously together for autonomous, long-term, live cell 2D and 3D cell culture growth and monitoring with intelligent label-free imaging. This integrated workflow provides quality control alerts and readiness, 3D organoid screening, and deep learning image analysis that reveals hidden patterns other technologies miss.

"While organoids hold great promise to transform drug development, precision medicine, and ultimately, transplantation-based therapies for end-stage diseases, a number of major hurdles need to be overcome to realize the full potential of organoid medicine. Our recently established CuSTOM Accelerator Lab aims to solve these issues by developing fully automated high-throughput workflows for improved scalability, reproducibility of organoid production and novel organoid-based drug screening platforms. Combining CuSTOM’s expertise with the cutting-edge imaging technologies and solutions from Molecular Devices will be essential for achieving these goals. CuSTOM’s innovative approach aligns well with the focus of Molecular Devices’ Organoid Innovation Center for advancing biological imaging and analytical methods for real-world impact, and we look forward to working together to further advance a versatile organoid medicine."
— Magdalena Kasendra, Ph.D.
Director of research and development at CuSTOM
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See the power and flexibility of an automated and customizable high-throughput screening solution

With intuitive scheduling software researchers can control the 3D workflow remotely, tracking the cell journey from single cell to differentiated organoid, along the way. Cell culture and incubation is streamlined with an automated incubator and collaborative robot that maintains culture consistency. Media exchange for culture maintenance is standardized and streamlined with automated liquid handling, minimizing manual intervention. 3D model development can be monitored over time with label-free imaging to assess assay readiness – and with real-time feedback, scheduling of automated compound addition and treatment is standardized.

Organoid Screening 3D Workflow

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Organoid Screening Workflow

Our new ImageXpress Confocal High-Content Imaging system is designed for 3D imaging. This system offers eight high-powered laser excitation channels and automated water immersion objectives that boost signal and assay sensitivity without sacrificing speed. Spinning disk confocal technology with five pinhole geometry options reduces haze from out-of-focus light for deeper organoid penetration and improved axial resolution. For analysis of complex 3D biology, IN Carta Image Analysis Software provides a streamlined workflow with powerful deep-learning-based segmentation, machine learning-based classification, and 3D volumetric analysis.

Complete solutions for a fully integrated lab automation workflow

Our lab automation solutions include scientists and engineers who can customize our instruments, as well as automate entire workflows to meet the specific needs of your assay, method, or protocol. From incubators, liquid handlers, and robotics to customized software and hardware—and with over 35 years of experience in the life science industry—you can count on us to deliver quality products and provide worldwide support.

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Molecular Devices is honored to be designated as a "Lab of the Future" Company

Exhibitors that received the SLAS2024 Lab of the Future designation have demonstrated their ability to provide solutions that go beyond automated instrumentation alone to push the boundaries of current technology and break new ground in achieving complete integration of automated workflows in the lab space.

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The Organoid Innovation Center builds on Molecular Devices 35 years of experience delivering high-performance life science technology to customers for improved drug development, biotechnology research, and clone screening workflows.

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