Absorbance Microplate Readers

SpectraMax Spectrophotometers for UV-Vis Absorbance Detection

The SpectraMax® absorbance spectrophotometers and plate readers provide the versatility and convenience for a wide range of assays such as ELISAs, nucleic acid and protein quantitation, and microbial growth.

Our absorbance plate readers feature our PathCheck® Sensor technology and industry-leading SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis Software. They can be combined with our StakMax® Microplate Stacker and can be easily integrated with leading partner robotic systems.

We also provide GxP compliance and validation tools for optimal GLP/GMP lab performance.

Our featured SpectraMax ABS/ABS Plus Microplate Readers

The SpectraMax ABS/ABS Plus Microplate Readers provide fast absorbance detection without the use of filters with monochromator-based wavelength selection for visible and UV-visible absorbance.

Eight Channel Optics


Microplate or Standard Cuvette


PathCheck Sensor

PathCheck Sensor
Patented Technology

SoftMax Pro Software

SoftMax Pro

GxP Compliance

GxP Compliance
& Validation

Robotic Automation


Absorbance applications and assays

With more than 30+ years of plate reader expertise and life science research, we’ve amassed an extensive collection of application-focused content in our Resource Hub. Our featured absorbance application notes include:

  • Food and Beverage Applications
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Customer Breakthrough

Université Catholique de Louvain uses our SpectraMax absorbance and multi-mode readers to help fight biofilms.

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What’s the difference between an absorbance spectrophotometer and a microplate reader?

A standard spectrophotometer measures the absorbance of one sample at a time. The sample is typically placed in a cuvette through which light is sent horizontally. An absorbance plate reader offers higher throughput and can measure the absorbance of samples in microplates (typically 96-well or even 384-well) by sending light through each well vertically.

SpectraMax QuickDrop Spectrophotometer

SpectraMax QuickDrop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

Rapid, accurate DNA, RNA, and protein quantitation in a one-touch, full-spectrum micro-volume absorbance reader.

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