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Organoid Innovation Center

State-of-the-art automated 3D imaging workcell

The Organoid Innovation Center at Molecular Devices combines cutting-edge technologies with novel research methods to address key challenges of scaling complex 3D biological models.

The collaborative space brings customers and researchers into the lab to test automated workflows for organoid culturing and screening, with guidance from in-house scientists.

Organoid Research

3D Biology

3D Biology

Pioneering a new future of drug discovery rooted in 3D biology will empower researchers to personalize therapies, reduce a medicine’s time to market, and enhance quality of life for patients around the world.

Leveraging proprietary bioprocess technology to produce reliable and predictive organoids at scale to innovating the cell culture system of the future, we believe in the revolutionary promise of 3D biology.

Organoid Expansion Service

Automated 3D Bioprinting Solution

Automated Cell Culture System

Cell Engineering

Cell Engineering

Cell Engineering

The addition of our colony picker platform expands the Center’s state-of-the-art methods and technologies to include automated workflows for synthetic biology, antibody discovery, and cell line development.

And, with the recent launch of CloneSelect® Imager FL with multi-channel fluorescence for day zero monoclonality verification and confirmation of CRISPR edits, provides a wide range of cell and gene therapy applications.

Next-gen 3D Biology Lab

Lab Automation

Lab Automation & Customization

Lab Automation

From our PhD-level technical support staff to our expert-trained and certified field service engineers, we guide scientists through customized automation solutions that are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of their assay, method, or protocol.

Explore our integrated end-to-end, high-throughput screening solutions:

Automated High-Content Screening

Automated Clone Screening

Automated Plate-Based Assays

We empower scientists to advance discovery

Automated, end-to-end solutions span research disciplines to help scientists discover, scale, and industrialize biology.

We’re scientists supporting scientists

We empower scientists to advance discovery, driving earlier diagnoses and safer therapeutics for patients.

Next-gen Drug Discovery

3D Biology: The paradigm shift in next-gen drug discovery

In the midst of an evolving drug discovery paradigm, researchers worldwide are transitioning their compound screens away from 2D cell cultures and animal models to more complex, human-relevant 3D systems like organoids. Experience our interactive infographic as it takes you deeper into why the industry is embracing this next generation of drug discovery and the innovations supporting scientists in their 3D biology journey.

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Drug Discovery & Development

Drug Discovery & Development

The drug discovery landscape is shifting, with more scientists centering cell line development, disease models, and high-throughput screening methods around physiologically-relevant 3D cell models.

The reason for this is clear: Using cellular model systems in research that closely mimic patient disease states or human organs can bring life-saving therapeutics to market – faster.

Advance Drug Discovery

3D Cell Models

3D Cell Models

With our automated 3D cell culture and bioimaging screening solutions, we are helping reshape the future of drug discovery. Supported by our technology and organoid development protocols, researchers can now advance and scale screening methods for physiologically-relevant 3D models that more closely mimic patient disease states and human organs, leading to faster drug development and approval.




Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development

Our cell line development customers accelerate time to market for life saving monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and genomic medicine, as well as perform groundbreaking research in cell and gene therapies, genetic engineering, personalized and precision medicine, synthetic biology, RNA and DNA-based vaccines, and so much more – made possible by our innovative technology and rich expertise.

Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

Synthetic Biology

Cell & Gene Therapy

Drug Screening

Drug Screening

For every drug that makes it to the finish line, another nine don’t succeed. This alarming failure rate can be traced to reliance on 2D cell cultures that don’t closely mimic complex human biology, often leading to inaccurate predictions of a drug’s potential and extended drug development timelines.

A critical step in the drug discovery process, drug screening and toxicity assessment uncover the effects of potentially life-saving compounds. Shifting to cell-based testing allows multiple chemicals to be tested rapidly and better represents human biology.

Toxicity Assessment

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