Clone Screening

Clone screening systems for monoclonality verification and colony picking

Our solutions for antibody discovery and cell line development provide dedicated, scalable, and easy-to-use products for establishing clonal populations. The systems feature a selection of options and models to address your specific research including multiple imaging modes, biology-specific pins, fluidics, and environmental control. These solutions combine intelligent imaging with analysis and automation to increase throughput, consistency, and provide image-based documentation.

  • Verify monoclonality easily

    Objective selection, imaging, and data collection streamlines tracking of colony formation from a single cell.

  • Sort viable single cells efficiently

    High accuracy robotics combined with gentle fluidics-based systems establish viable clones with much higher efficiency.

  • Streamline workflows

    Automation with sample tracking increases throughput, allows for more walk-away time, and provides consistent results.

Introducing DispenCell Single-Cell Dispenser

QPix 400 Series

Fully automate synthetic biology workflows for DNA assembly, antibody discovery and protein engineering

The QPix® 400 Series Microbial Colony Pickers combine intelligent image analysis with precise automation for fast and efficient screening of large libraries. With a variety of data tracking and assay tools, the QPix Software streamlines the control and management of complex and iterative processes.

QPix 400 Series
  • Automate several sample prep and plate handling processes such as transfer of bacterial liquid culture and plating on agar
  • Streamline your workflow with scalable automation – pick up to 30,000 colonies per day
  • Electronic data tracking for well-documented data control
  • Sterile environment with customizable HEPA filtration options
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ClonePix Series

Automate antibody discovery and cell line development workflows

Screen more clones with the ClonePix® Series in less time with monoclonal verification on day zero, then screen and pick for highest producers in weeks, not months.

ClonePix Series
  • Screen 10X more clones than limiting dilution
  • Increase probability of identifying high-value clones
  • Condense the workflow into a single solution
  • Eliminate or recover unstable clones early
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CloneSelect Imager and CloneSelect Imager FL

Verify monoclonality confidently

The all-new CloneSelect Imager FL adds high contrast multichannel fluorescent technology in addition to the standard white light imaging that allows for accurate single-cell detection and proof of monoclonality at day 0. Streamline your workflow with comparative confluence assays to identify and verify gene edits.

CloneSelect Imager FL
  • Document evidence of single cells and confluency digitally for auditing and submission to regulatory authorities
  • Image cells non invasively at multiple time points to monitor colony formation
  • Screen using high resolution white light imaging
  • Deliver real-time results with on-the-fly analysis
  • Automation and integration ready
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DispenCell™ Single-Cell Dispenser

A simple single-cell dispenser for proof of monoclonality

The DispenCell Single-Cell Dispenser is an automated laboratory instrument designed for fast, easy, and gentle single-cell isolation. Cell dispensing technology enables scientists to isolate single cell lines three times faster and at a lower cost compared to existing solutions.

DispenCell Single-Cell Dispenser
  • Easy, intuitive setup with no cleaning or calibration required
  • Software that provides instantaneous proof of clonality and traceability post cell dispensing
  • Unique technology gently handles the cell sample for better viability and cloning efficiency compared to manual pipetting
  • Benchtop-size designed to fit under a hood, on a bench, or in a pre-existing automated workflow
  • A patented disposable tip to ensure clean isolation of single cells and no cross-contamination, which is certified free from animal products and cytotoxic material
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Applications & Research

Find an extensive collection of application notes, research, and workflows related to clone screening including cell line development, antibody discovery, and more.