Cellular Imaging Systems

An end-to-end solution for high-content imaging and analysis

Our systems for high-content imaging (HCI) and high-content analysis (HCA) provide flexible scalability making it easy to evolve your system alongside your research. They feature options and modules to address your specific research including objectives, filters, imaging modes, and environmental conditions. All our systems support a wide range of applications, increased throughput, and streamlined workflows.

  • Capture a diverse range of samples

    Image live cells, stem cells, plants, tissue slices, whole organisms, and complex 3D matrices. The modularity and scalability of our platforms provide assurance that your system is a sound investment.

  • Analyze more data

    Our industry-leading software solutions include powerful and elegant tools for imaging and analysis and offer flexibility and scalability.

  • Screen more assays

    Our selection of imaging modes, application modules, analytics, and options for live-cell imaging combine to address hundreds of cell-based assays.

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ImageXpress high-content imaging
(HCI) technology

ImageXpress Confocal HT.ai system

Powerful multi-laser light sources, a deep tissue penetrating confocal disk module, water immersion objectives and modern machine learning analysis software

  • Ideal for highly-complex cell-based and 3D assays
  • Seven-channel high-intensity lasers generating brighter images with higher signal-to-background
  • Spinning confocal disk technology for deeper tissue penetration, resulting in sharper images with improved resolution
  • Water immersion objectives offering quadruple the signal at lower exposure times for greater sensitivity and image clarity without sacrificing speed
  • Optional IN Carta software, leveraging intuitive, modern machine learning
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ImageXpress Micro Confocal system

High-content confocal imaging solution with proprietary spinning disk technology and water objective options

  • Ideal for 3D organoid and spheroid imaging
  • Proprietary AgileOptix™ spinning disk technology
  • QuickID reduces image acquisition time and data storage requirements
  • Water immersion objectives enhance resolution, sensitivity and throughput of complex
    3D assays
  • Lasers and deep tissue confocal disk provide deeper penetration into 3D samples
  • 3D volumetric analysis
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ImageXpress Micro 4 system

Configurable, high-throughput widefield imaging for fast biological processes

  • Ideal for high-throughput screening, time-lapse imaging (from calcium assays to
    multi-day subcellular assays) and intracellular yeast assays
  • Multiple imaging modes, including fluorescence, phase contrast, and brightfield
  • >3 log dynamic range intensity detection
  • QuickID reduces image acquisition time and data storage requirements
  • Environmental control option for live cell assays and fast kinetic studies
  • Field upgradeable to confocal
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ImageXpress Nano

Fluorescence imaging, widefield platform for common biological assays

  • Ideal for phagocytosis, mitotoxicity, autophagy, and cell differentiation
  • Label-free brightfield imaging mode
  • Up to five fluorescent filters can be installed, enabling multi-channel fluorescent and transmitted light imaging in one experiment
  • High-speed autofocus
  • Environmental control option for multi-day time lapse and live cell assays
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ImageXpress Pico system

Digital microscopy with automated brightfield, fluorescence, and real-time deconvolution imaging

  • Ideal for cell counting, transfection efficiency, and cell health assays
  • 25+ preconfigured application protocols
  • 3D z-stack acquisition
  • On-the-fly analysis
  • Environmental control for live cell assays
  • Access data from a browser— anytime, anywhere
  • Optional Digital Confocal on-the-fly 2D deconvolution
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High-content image acquisition and analysis software

IN Carta Image Analysis Software

Modern machine learning, high-content image analysis software

Powerful analytics combined with an intuitive user interface simplify workflows for image analysis and phenotypic profiling. Advanced features provide the functionality you need to analyze data in 2D, 3D, and 4D - at scale - and deliver real-time insights without the need for complex pre- or post- processing operations. Improve specificity of your image analysis workflows by utilizing the SINAP deep-learning module and see for yourself that Segmentation Is Not A Problem. Put machine learning to work for you and perform complex phenotypic analysis within a user-friendly Phenoglyphs module.

StratoMineR Advanced Cloud-Based Analytics

An intuitive and powerful platform for phenotypic profiling

Powerful and intuitive workflows allow users to import high-content imaging data directly into StratoMineR where it is used to generate rich, interactive visualizations using advanced data mining methods. When used with IN Carta Image Analysis Software, it provides robust, quantitative results from complex biological images and datasets utilizing advanced AI technology. Use all of your high-content data to discover, characterize, and analyze phenotypes.

MetaXpress software for ImageXpress high-content imaging systems

Multi-level analysis tools for a wide range of applications

  • Meet high throughput requirements with a scalable, streamlined workflow
  • Adapt your analysis tools to tackle your toughest problems, including 3D analysis
  • Schedule automatic data transfer between third-party hardware sources and secure database
  • Set up hundreds of routinely used HCS assays using MetaXpress software modules
  • Export data to IN Carta software, leveraging intuitive, modern machine learning
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CellReporterXpress software for ImageXpress Pico

Easy-to-learn software optimized for automated digital microscopy

A simple, easy-to-learn interface for performing quantitative analysis on images acquired from automated microscopy with features such as Digital Confocal 2D real-time deconvolution, and Live Preview for advanced region of interest identification. The software enables distributed analysis of images for increased throughput and is ideal for scaling your digital microscopy imaging with slides or microplates. An icon-driven, linear workflow with a range of predefined protocols provides a streamlined user experience.

MetaMorph Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software

Microscopy imaging software for a wide variety of third-party microscopes

The MetaMorph® Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software automates acquisition, device control, and image analysis. It easily integrates dissimilar fluorescent microscope hardware and peripherals into a single custom workstation. The software offers many user-friendly application modules for biology-specific analysis. Two complementary packages, MetaFluor® software for fluorescence ratio imaging, and MetaVue® software for basic image acquisition and processing, are included in the portfolio.

Enhance your imaging systems

With a variety of optional features and configurations for our high-content imaging systems, you can design a system to enhance your imaging capabilities. Our optional features enable access to a wider breadth of assays, additional capabilities for scaling basic and complex assays, and the ability to capture more physiologically-relevant cellular insights.

Customization and Automation

Partner with our team of scientists and engineers who can customize your instruments, as well as automate entire workflows to meet the specific needs of your assay, method, or protocol.

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