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High-content imaging and analysis solutions, ranging from automated digital microscopy to high-throughput confocal imaging systems with modern machine learning analysis software.

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An end-to-end solution for high-content imaging and analysis

Our high-content screening (HCS) solution includes high-content imaging (HCI) systems and high-content analysis (HCA) software that provide flexible scalability making it easy to evolve your system alongside your research. They feature options and modules to address your specific research including objectives, filters, imaging modes, and environmental conditions. All of our systems support a wide range of applications to increase throughput and streamline workflows.

ImageXpress High-Content Screening Solution

ImageXpress High-Content Screening Solution

Explore our portfolio of solutions that allow scientists to quickly narrow down vast drug compound libraries into manageable collections to quickly identify the most promising drug candidates.

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High-content Imaging

High-content Imaging

ImageXpress high-content imaging systems combine best-in-class technology with high-performance customizations to maximize workflow efficiency and experimental design.

High-content Imaging

High-content Analysis

Imaging Acquisition and Analysis Software

Our software solutions solve complex image analysis problems by utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and customized analysis protocols to transform complex assay images into robust results.

High-content Analysis

Automated, High-throughput Screening Workflows

Automated, High-throughput, Screening Workflows

It's easier than ever to integrate automation into your lab. We offer turnkey and customized solutions that include experts who can automate entire workflows to meet the specific needs of your assay, method, or protocol. Take a tour of our newest offerings:

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AgileOptix technology for high- throughput, high-content screening

Our ImageXpress high-content screening system with AgileOptix technology is a fully-integrated solution that addresses the many challenges associated with high-throughput complex 3D imaging. It combines an advanced solid-state light engine, water immersion objectives, a scientific CMOS sensor, and proprietary, dual spinning disk technology with five different disk geometries.

Increase imaging efficiency using our intelligent, QuickID Targeted Acquisition performed by the MetaXpress® software. Our AI-enabled solutions available in IN Carta™ Image Analysis Software provides a streamlined workflow with powerful deep learning-based segmentation, machine learning-based classification, and 3D volumetric analysis.

AgileOptix Technology

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