High-content imaging solution with proprietary spinning disc technology

The ImageXpress® Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System is a high-content solution that can switch between confocal and widefield imaging of fixed and live cells. It captures high quality images of whole organisms, thick tissues, 2D and 3D models, and cellular or intracellular events. The spinning disc and sCMOS camera enable imaging of fast and rare events like cardiac cell beating and stem cell differentiation. With MetaXpress® software, it enables applications from 3D assay development to screening. 

  • Acquire higher quality images

    Acquire higher quality images

    Capture exceptional contrast, high resolution images with our proprietary AgileOptix™ Spinning Disc Technology, wide field of view, and bright light source.

  • Customize image acquisition and analysis

    Customize image acquisition and analysis

    Take ultimate control over acquisition and analysis parameters, which enable many applications from 3D structure analysis to targeted imaging of specific objects within an organism or cell populations.

  • Analyze more data in less time

    Analyze more data in less time

    MetaXpress® PowerCore™ software accelerates analysis speed in a high-throughput environment. The software distributes image processing jobs to a multi-CPU environment.

ImageXpress Micro Confocal Launch Video

ImageXpress Micro Confocal Video


  • Wide dynamic range

    Quantifies low and high intensity signals in a single image with >3 log dynamic range intensity detection.

  • Wide field of view

    Wide field of view enables whole-well imaging and eliminates missed targets.

  • Exclusive spinning disc technology

    The technology provides increased sensitivity with custom optics, high-powered, solid state light engines, and sCMOS technology. Swappable disc geometries provide flexibility between speed and resolution.

  • Accurate 3D measurements

    MetaXpress 3D analysis module enables 3D measurements of volume and distance.

  • Multiple imaging modes

    The system offers phase contrast and brightfield label-free imaging, fluorescence, confocal, widefield, and colorimetric imaging. 

  • Optional on-board robotic fluidics

    For assays that involve compound addition, well washing, and media exchange, optional on-board robotic fluidics are available.

Applications of ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System

  • Organ-on-a-Chip Assays

    Emulating organ physiology by co-culturing cells in a supportive 3D matrix and using microfluidic channels to perfuse nutrients or compounds over the resulting cellular structures, is rapidly gaining popularity as a biologically relevant screening model for new drugs or toxicity. The ImageXpress system provides a turnkey solution for both 2D or 3D applications and can accommodate many different types of slide and plate formats.

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  • Neurite Outgrowth / Neurite Tracing

    Neurons create connections via extensions of their cellular body called processes. This biological phenomenon is referred to as neurite outgrowth. Understanding the signaling mechanisms driving neurite outgrowth provides valuable insight into neurotoxic responses, compound screening, and for interpreting factors influencing neural regeneration. Using the ImageXpress Micro system in combination with MetaXpress Image Analysis Software automated neurite outgrowth imaging and analysis is possible for slide or microplate-based cellular assays.

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  • Spheroid Assays

    Three-dimensional (3D) cells cultured into spheroids provide a more complete and physiologically predictive model especially for cancer research. Acquiring measurements from the larger structure involves acquiring images from different depths within the body of the spheroid and analyzing them in 3D or collapsing into a single 2D stack before analysis. The ImageXpress Micro system and MetaXpress software are designed to make acquisition and analysis of 3D spheroids fast and accurate.

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  • imaging

    3D Cell Imaging and Analysis

    Three-dimensional (3D) cell models are physiologically relevant and more closely represent tissue microenvironments, cell-to-cell interactions, and biological processes that occur in vivo. Now you can generate more predictive data by incorporating technologies like the ImageXpress system with the integrated 3D Analysis Module in MetaXpress® software. This single interface will enable you to meet 3D acquisition and analysis challenges without compromise to throughput or data quality, giving you confidence in your discoveries.

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  • Gel Matrix

    3D Gel Matrix Assays

    The development and integration of three-dimensional (3D) assay models are becoming popular to drive translational biology. Our ImageXpress system allows superior visualization of thick samples by minimizing background fluorescence and increasing sharpness, resulting in accurate image segmentation. Increase the biological relevance of your screening assays with a seamless integration between acquisition and analysis of cells in a 3D space to yield volume, intensity, and distance measurements.

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  • Toxicity Screening

    Screening for off-target or toxic effects is very important during the development of new drugs and for the extension of the therapeutic potential of existing molecules. ImageXpress systems are fully integrated hardware and software platforms for automated acquisition and analysis of images for high-throughput cell-based cytotoxicity testing. Configured with optional environmental control, living cell responses or kinetic reactions can be monitored in real time for several days.

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Specifications & Options of ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System

Resources of ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System


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