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Explore automation-ready systems for cellular screening workflows

Our automated, high-content screening (HCS) workcell provides an end-to-end solution that helps standardize live 2D/3D cellular development process with cell culture, treatment, and incubation, through to imaging, analysis, and data processing, delivering consistent, unbiased, and biologically-relevant results at scale.


With intuitive scheduling software, researchers can control the 3D workflow remotely, tracking the cell journey from single cell to differentiated organoid along the way. Cell culture and incubation is streamlined with an automated incubator and collaborative robot that maintains culture consistency. Media exchange for culture maintenance is standardized and streamlined with automated liquid handling, minimizing manual intervention. 3D model development can be monitored over time with label-free imaging to assess assay readiness. Plus, with real-time feedback, scheduling of automated compound addition and treatment is standardized.



Workcell lab components:

  • Molecular Devices labware hotels
  • AquaMax Microplate Washer
  • SpectraMax Microplate Reader with SoftMax Pro GxP Software
  • ImageXpress High-content Imaging System:
    • ImageXpress Confocal
    • ImageXpress Pico
  • Precise Automation PreciseFlex 400 robot
  • Biosero Green Button Go automation scheduling software
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek i7 automated liquid handle
  • LiCONiC Wave STX44 automated CO2 incubator
  • Bionex Solutions HiG4 automated centrifuge
Organoid Innovation Center Walkthrough

Molecular Devices new Organoid Innovation Center – Automated 3D cell culture and image analysis lab streamlines and scales complex biology research.



Collaborators for a fully-integrated solution

Molecula Devices

Molecular Devices labware hotels — Customizable, flexible plate storage solution.

AquaMax Microplate Washer A fully self-contained system, configurable for both 96- and 384-well microplates for biochemical and cell-based assays.

SpectraMax Microplate Reader with SoftMax Pro GxP Software Easy-to-use, intuitive, configurable microplate readers with industry-leading, SoftMax Pro GxP Software solution for regulated labs.

ImageXpress High-Content Imaging System High-content imaging and analysis solutions, ranging from automated digital microscopy to high-throughput confocal imaging systems with high-intensity lasers, water immersion objectives, and proprietary spinning disk technology.

Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Biomek i7 automated liquid handler — Industry-leading liquid handler designed to optimize dependability and walk-away time in mid- to high-throughput labs with 45 deck positions, 0.5 - 5,000 µL pipetting volume range, and single or dual head options.


Bionex Solutions HiG4 automated centrifuge — Compact, temperature controlled centrifuge offers rapid acceleration up to 5000 x g, providing better pelletizing, cleaner supernatants, and faster filtration than lower speed centrifuges.


Biosero Gren Button Go automation scheduling software — Proven software solution guides scientists through the automation experience, empowering them to control timing and scheduling of experiments to make better decisions in less time with more data.


LiCONiC Wave STX44 automated CO2 incubator — Complete solution for controlled environmental automated storage in laboratory automation designed with proprietary technology that delivers a robust system for frequent access and optimum environmental control using a variety of labware.

Precise Automation

Precise Automation PreciseFlex 400 robot — Autosampler developed specifically for benchtop applications where price, ease-of-use, space requirements, and safety are critical, with a four axis configuration and a linear rail to service multiple stations within workcells of varying size.