Cell Migration Assays

  • Keep instrument free by using discontinuous timelapse and transporting the plate between the imager and incubator
  • Use fluorescently stained or unlabeled cells
  • Scale-up to 96 well microplates for drug screening
  • Create and export movies of live cells maintained and automatically imaged inside the instrument over time

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Measure live cells migrating over time with cell migration assays using automated imaging

The movement or migration of cells is often measured in vitro to elucidate the mechanisms of various physiological activities such as wound healing or cancer cell metastasis. Cell migration assays may be conducted in a controlled environment using live cell timelapse imaging. A "wound" in a confluent monolayer of cells growing in a microplate is created, either by manually creating a scratch or by utilizing special microplates that provide a uniform and reproducible cell-free zone. Monitor cell proliferation, migration, and spreading using transmitted light or live cell-compatible fluorescence. These medium to high throughput assays may be used to compare the migration between cells treated with either inhibitory or stimulatory compounds.

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