The Surface Protein TIGIT Suppresses T Cell Activation by Promoting the Generation of Mature Immunoregulatory Dendritic Cells

Yu, X., et al., 10(1), 48-57, Nature Immunology, 2008

The authors describe their efforts to identify costimulatory or inhibitory molecules expressed on activated human T cells. They identified a protein called TIGIT that was expressed on T cells. To identify binding partners of TIGIT, the investigators screened a large library of secreted proteins using the Octet system and TIGIT-Fc immobilized on Anti-Human Fc Capture biosensors. They analyzed the interaction of approximately 1,000 proteins with TIGIT and identified poliovirus receptor (PVR) as a high-affinity TIGIT coreceptor. The authors conclude that TIGIT exerts immunosuppressive effects by binding to poliovirus receptor and modulating cytokine production by dendritic cells.

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