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Inscripta enables scientists to perform digital genome editing with their Onyx system integrated in a fully automated workflow that includes the QPix system

Inscripta, Inc.

Eric Abbate, Staff Scientist – Applications Development

QPix 400 Series Microbial Colony Pickers

The Challenge

Inscripta’s vision is to democratize scalable genome editing to the world by offering a holistic platform consisting of software, instrument, reagents, & consumables to enable forward engineering solutions that are faster, easier, & more cost-effective for their customers. The output of the Inscripta Onyx genome editing platform is a pool of cells containing up to 10,000 unique edits that necessitate picking large numbers of colonies (e.g. 1,000 – 10,000) into high throughput microtiter plate-based screening workflows.

QPix System and Onyx Platforms Generate Phenotypic Diversity to Bioeconomy Solutions

The Solution

The QPix and Onyx platforms are synergistic tools that allow customers to effectively generate and screen phenotypic diversity to enable successful bioeconomy solutions for the next generation synthetic biology companies.

The Results


inscripta customer hero


Figure 1: This graph represents the top lysine overproducers that were generated by the Onyx platform and colony picked by the QPix system. Beneficial genomic edits were rapidly combined over 3 rounds of engineering to produce an improved strain with a 14,000-fold improvement in lysine titer relative to wild-type E. coli.