Hybridoma Workflow for Antibody Discovery

Hybridoma Workflow for Antibody Discovery

Hybridoma generation and screening of large antibody libraries

Hybridoma technology is a method for mass-producing antibodies in a hybrid cell line generated from the fusion of antibody-producing B-cells with an immortalized myeloma cell line, now called a hybridoma cell. Because every B-cell produces a unique antibody, single-cell cloning of hybridomas can be used to generate a diverse library of unique monoclonal antibodies at a large scale, which are very frequently used in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

In this video, Justin Dranschak, manager for BioPharma platforms, presents our solution for a hybridoma workflow and references the systems to aid in your research.


Hybridoma workflow

Hybridoma workflow : Generation and screening of antibody libraries using hybridomas

Step 1: Fusion

The process of fusing B cells, expressing unique antibodies, with myeloma cells creating a hybrid cell line is called a hybridoma.

Step 2: Clone screening

The identification of clonally-derived hybridoma cell lines which are producing high amounts of monoclonal antibodies.

Step 3: Cell growth

Cell growth is determined by monitoring cell divisions over a given period of time using label-free imaging.

Step 4: Specificity and cross reactivity

The process of analyzing the ability of an antibody to bind to only one target antigen.

Step 5: Binding affinity and internalization

Binding affinity is the strength of the binding interaction between a single biomolecule (e.g. protein or DNA) to its ligand/binding partner (e.g. drug or inhibitor). Internalization is the process of monitoring the ability of a given particle to enter into the cell.

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