The Potent and Broadly Neutralizing Human Dengue Virus-specific Monoclonal Antibody 1C19 Reveals a Unique Cross-reactive Epitope on the bc Loop of Domain II of the Envelope Protein

Smith SA, et al., 4(6):e00873-13, MBio, 2013

This study describes the isolation and characterization of a large panel of naturally occurring human monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) directed to the dengue virus domain II fusion loop envelope protein region. The majority of cross-reactive MAbs exhibited weak neutralizing potency and showed strong antibody dependent enhancement activity. One unusual clone (1C19), however, exhibited ultrahigh neutralization potency against DENV strains corresponding to all four serotypes. The Octet RED system and Anti-Mouse Fc Capture biosensors were used to classify the panel of DII-FL MAbs for their binding properties. Octet experiments included competitive binding studies, using representative full-length MAbs, on either intact DENV particles or recombinant E80 protein.

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