Targeting Nuclear Import Shuttles, Importins/Karyopherins Alpha by a Peptide Mimicking the NFκB1/p50 Nuclear Localization Sequence

Zienkiewicz J, Armitage A and Hawiger J, 2(5):e000386, J Am Heart Assoc, 2013

The authors analyzed interaction of a hydrophobic peptide, derived from the bifunctional nuclear transport modifier (NTM) peptide, with endogenous human importins/karyopherins to determine the mechanism of NTM modulation of importin alpha-mediated nuclear transport. Various peptide-protein binding affinities were determined using the Octet RED96 system. Biotinylated peptides were immobilized on Streptavidin biosensors and then incubated target protein or GST control protein solutions for binding studies.

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