Structural Insights into SUN-KASH Complexes Across the Nuclear Envelope

W. Wang, et al., 22(10), 1440-1452, Cell Research, 2012

Structural, biochemical and cell-based studies of the SUN-KASH complex spanning the inner and outer nuclear membranes were performed. After determining the overall structure of the complex, similarity between the complex and the apo-SUN domain was examined as well as the interface between the SUN domain trimer and KASH peptides. Mutational analysis was performed to probe the contributions of individual amino acids to complex formation. The Octet RED96 system and Streptavidin biosensors were utilized for kinetic analysis of wild-type vs mutant SUN domains and KASH domain. The Octet system was also used to determine the affinity of the SUN2 luminal region containing different coiled-coil motifs for the KASH domain.

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