Structural and Biochemical Insights into the Activation Mechanisms of Germinal Center Kinase OSR1

Li C, et al., 289(52):35969-78, J Biol Chem , 2014

This article describes the details of a regulatory mechanism involving the OSR1 based on structural and biochemical studies. The oxidative stress-responsive 1 (OSR1) is a mammalian kinase protein. It modulates ion homeostasis and the cell volume in mammal. The study has found that the OSR1 activity is regulated by autoinhibition, with no lysine (WNKs), and mouse protein 25 (MO25). As part of the mechanistic dissection, the interactions between purified proteins of MO25 and OSR1 were analyzed using an Octet RED96 instrument. In one mode of analysis, they used biotinylated wild-type OSR1 protein immobilized onto SA biosensors and screened against varying concentration of wild type and mutant MO25. In the second mode of analysis, they swapped the order and used a biotinylated wild type MO25 with wild type and mutant OSR1 proteins.

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