Separation of Lysozyme from Salted Duck Egg White by Affinity Precipitation Using pH-responsive Polymer with an L-thyroxin Ligand

Ding Z, Li X, Cao X, 138:153-60, Science Direct, 2014

The article describes a lysozyme enrichment method from salted duck egg white. Salted duck egg has a cultural and traditional value in China. The salted duck egg white once separated out from the salted duck egg yolk has become just a by-product and discarded in massive scale. Lysozyme on the other hand, is an egg white protein with applications in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, and biotechnology due to its ability to breakdown the bacterial cell wall. The method uses a pH sensitive affinity purification matrix containing L-thyroxine ligand. The BLI, SEM, FT-IR, CD, and XPS used during the verification and optimization of the process. The BLI assay setup involves a biotinylated resin conjugated to thyroxine (PMMDN-T). The titration involves a serial dilution of Lysozyme (analyte) from the affinity purification. The adsorption and desorption steps were monitored using a ForteBio Octet system using SSA sensors.

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