Label-free Epitope Binning Assays of Monoclonal Antibodies Enable the Identification of Antigen Heterogeneity

Abdiche, Y. N., et al., 382(1-2), 101-16, J Immunol Methods, 2012

Epitope binning assays are a valuable tool for characterizing epitope binding regions of panels of monoclonal antibodies that target a specific antigen. However, some antigen preparations may contain subpopulations of molecules that are either native or denatured, potentially leading to selection of candidates that bind biologically irrelevant epitopes. This article reviews methods to identify antigen heterogeneity through use of epitope binning assays on label-free biosensors. The Octet platform and Streptavidin biosensors were used to screen for binding of antigen to immobilized mAbs in epitope binning experiments.

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