Identification of the Base-Pairing Requirements for Repression of hctA Translation by the Small RNA IhtA Leads to the Discovery of a New mRNA Target in Chlamydia trachomatis

Grieshaber N, et al., 10(3):e0116593, PLoS One , 2015

This study demonstrates IhtA mediated inhibition of HctA translation by base pairing with a seven nucleotide CAUGGCG sequence centered around AUG start codon. A deeper understanding of the translation repression in Chlamydia is crucial to unravel chlamydial development cycle. The RNA-RNA interactions monitored by a Pall ForteBio Octet QKe system was equipped with Streptavidin (SA) biosensor tips. RNAs were annealed to a biotinylated oligo sequence in order to capture onto SA biosensors. Association was monitored by incubating with 1500 nM sRNA IhtA.

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