Humanization Strategies for an Anti-idiotypic Antibody Mimicking HIV-1 gp41

Mader, A., Kunert, R., 23(12), 947-954, Protein Eng Des Sel, 2010

Ab2/3H6 is an anti-idiotypic antibody able to mimic the antigen recognition site of the broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibody 2F5, making it a putative candidate as an HIV-1 vaccine. The mouse variable regions of Ab2/3H6 were subjected to three different humanization approaches in this study. Four different humanized Ab2/3H6 variants were characterized for their binding affinity to 2F5 in comparison to the chimeric Ab2/3H6. Binding constants were determined on the Octet QK system with Streptavidin biosensors and biotinylated mAb 2F5.

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