HIV-1 Receptor Binding Site-directed Antibodies Using a VH1-2 Gene Segment Orthologue are Activated by Env Trimer Immunization

Navis M, et al., 10(8):e1004337, PLoS Pathog, 2014

This investigation aims at finding possible explanations for the lack of broadly neutralizing activity in broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) following vaccination. They isolated a series of monoclonal antibodies encoded by a particular gene segment and demonstrated that one of the Ab (GE356) binds with a different mode of interaction from other CD4-binding-site-directed bNAbs. These findings will lead to the development of an HIV-1 vaccine that stimulates the production of Abs that are capable of neutralizing various HIV-1 strains. The binding kinetics between MAbs (from NHP and human) and Env variants were assessed by an Octet RED96 system. Anti-human IgG Fc capture biosensors were used to immobilize MAbs.

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