High-Throughput Epitope Binning Assays on Label-Free Array-Based Biosensors can Yield Exquisite Epitope Discrimination that Facilitates the Selection of Monoclonal Antibodies with Functional Activity

Abdiche YN, et al., 9(3):e92451, PLoS One, 2014

Epitope binning assays were performed on large panels of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to demonstrate similar epitope profiles correlate to functional activity. Two separate label-free technologies were tested and showed very similar binding characterizations with each technology exhibits its own benefits. The Octet HTX, RED384 and QK384 platforms were used to characterize the binding affinities of mAbs. Amine-Reactive, Streptavidin and anti-species specific biosensors were used in the studies. The experiments demonstrate that label-free epitope binning assays can be performed at both high throughput and high-resolution to further support the discovery and development of therapeutic mAbs.

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