Group Selection and Contribution of Minority Variants During Virus Adaptation Determines Virus Fitness and Phenotype

Borderia A, et al., 11(5):e1004838, PLoS Pathog, 2015

By using the deep sequencing technology, the authors investigated the Coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3) adaptation to host environment in A549 cells. Based on the findings, the adaptation occurs in response to a differential expression of viral receptors. Also found is the fact that a group of genotypes instead of a single dominant genome causes the increased fitness. Interaction between the co-receptor, Decay Accelerating Factor (DAF) and the CVB3 (parental strain) or CVB3-E76G (mutant strain) were evaluated by a Pall ForteBio BLItz system equipped with Ni-NTA biosensors. Purified His-tagged DAF captured onto Ni-NTA biosensors were dipped into virus containing solutions.

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