Glypican-3-targeting F(ab')2 for 89Zr PET of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Sham J, et al., 55(12):2032-7, J Nucl Med , 2014

This article reports the development of a 89Zr PET imaging probe that only uses the F(ab')2 region of anti GPC3 mAb (αGPC3) to address several limitations shown by the whole-αGPC3 targeting moiety during hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) imaging. The use of whole monoclonal antibody that target GPC3 in PET imaging is a promising approach. These mAbs have lengthy circulation times and that is considered as a drawback in this whole-antibody approach. Affinity characterizations of αGPC3 whole-antibody and F(ab')2 region against purified human carrier-free glypican-3 protein performed on an Octet RED96 instrument suggest compatibility of the antibody fragment (F(ab')2 region) in PET imaging.

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