Exploring Blocking Assays Using Octet, ProteOn, and Biacore Biosensors

Abdiche, Y. N., et al., 386(2), 172-180, Analytical Biochemistry, 2009

The authors compare an Octet QK system, Biacore 3000 and a ProteOn XPR36 system for epitope binning. Multiple binning methods such as in tandem, classical and pre-mixed assay formats are explored. The authors find that the Octet system, with its simple dip-and-read method, provides the most flexibility in assay design. The amount of material consumed was similar in all platforms, but lower on the Octet system when running longer incubations. Biacore assay time was much longer than the Octet system. Offline immobilization of ligands on the Octet system increased throughput even further.

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