Dose-Dependent Biphasic Leptin-Induced Proliferation Is Caused by Non-Specific IL-6/NF-κB Pathway Activation in Human Myometrial Cells

Barrichon M, et al., 172(12):2974-90, Br J Pharmacol, 2015

The article emphasizes the importance of leptin in the pharmacological management of preterm labour (PTL) due to its ability to resist mechanisms pertaining to labour, remodeling, apoptosis, and contractions. A Pall ForteBio Octet RED system equipped with Streptavidin biosensors was used to evaluate the binding affinities of leptin or SHLA (leptin receptor antagonist) to the leptin receptor or IL-6 receptor alpha. Leptin and SHLA were biotinylated to enable capture using Streptavidin biosensors and titrated against a serial dilution of each receptor.

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