Do GGA Adaptors Bind Internal DXXLL Motifs?

B. Doray, et al., 13(10), 1315-1325, Traffic, 2012

GGA family of clathrin adaptor proteins mediates intracellular trafficking of transmembrane proteins by interaction with DXXLL sorting signals. Recent studies have challenged whether GGA adaptors bind to internal DXXLL signals as an auto-inhibitory mechanism or only to C-terminal DXXLL signals. The authors confirmed in vitro binding between internal DXXLL motif and GGA2 using MBP-peptide fusions on the Octet RED system. Purified mouse Flag-GGA2 was biotinylated and immobilized on Streptavidin biosensors for the Octet binding studies. These data were confirmed using modeling studies and GST pull-down assays. Binding was shown to be modulated by amino acids surrounding the DXXLL motif.

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