Divergent Activities Of Osteogenic BMP2, And Tenogenic BMP12 And BMP13 Independent Of Receptor Binding Affinities

Berasi, S.P., et al., 29(4), 128-139, Growth Factors, 2011

Bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) are growth factors that can induce bone and cartilage formation in vitro and in vivo. Some BMP subtypes induce bone formation while other subtypes induce cartilage and tendon formation. Both classes of BMPs initiate intracellular signaling through interactions with the same receptors, but produce such different responses. In this article, the Octet RED platform was used to study the affinity of interaction of various BMPs to different receptors to identify differences in binding behavior that may help explain the differences in behavior of BMP subclasses. Receptor Fc chimeras were immobilized on Anti-Human IgG Fc biosensors and incubated with purified BMPs for the affinity studies.

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