Directed Evolution of a Yeast-Displayed HIV-1 SOSIP gp140 Spike Protein Toward Improved Expression and Affinity for Conformational Antibodies.

Grimm S, Battles M, Ackerman M, 10(2), PLoS One, 2015

The use of yeast display technology to demonstrate the ability to display HIV spike protein variants and the display of a JR-FL gp140 variant with SOSIP mutations in particular is reported. A Pall ForteBio Octet RED96 system equipped with Protein A biosensor probes was used to capture a panel of HIV gp120 antibodies (IgG) in order to perform binding studies with S. cerevisiae or P. pastoris-secreted gp120. This study is expected to facilitate solving of other spike protein structures and rational vaccine design approaches.

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