Design of a Reversible Biotin Analog and Applications in Protein Labeling, Detection, and Isolation

Ying, L.Q.; Branchaud, B. P., 47(30), 8593-5, Chemical Communications, 2011

A reversible biotin analog, N3'-ethyl, was designed so that biotin-streptavidin binding could be reversed under non-denaturing conditions. The Octet system was used to determine the kinetics of this interaction by immobilizing the biotin analog to an Amine Reactive biosensor, and then observing its association to streptavidin and dissociation in PBS or PBS supplemented with biotin. There was a fast on-rate with streptavidin, and a relatively slow off-rate in PBS alone; however, the off-rate was much faster in the presence of 2mM biotin, highlighting the reversibility of the interaction.

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