Conformational Biosensors Reveal GPCR Signalling from Endosomes

Irannejad, R, et al., 495(7442), 534-8, Nature, 2013

This publication presents results that support the hypothesis that canonical GPCR signaling occurs from endosomes as well as the plasma membrane. A conformation-specific single-domain camelid antibody (Nb80) that selectively binds agonist-occupied β2-adrenoceptor was central to the key experiments. Nb80 binding to unliganded and agonist-occupied β2-adrenoceptor was studied using the Octet RED system. Streptavidin biosensors were loaded with biotinylated β2-AR-rHDL particles and then incubated with or without isoprenaline for 30 minutes before Nb80 association and dissociation steps.

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