Clinical Immunosensing of Tuberculosis CFP-10 Antigen in Urine Using Interferometric Optical Fiber Array

Kim J, et al., 10.1016/j.snb.2015.04.046, Science Direct, 2015

This article demonstrates development and utility of an immunosensing diagnostic platform which is readily applicable to a clinical setting for early detection of tuberculosis (TB). The TB-biomarker under investigation, also known as the CFP-10 antigen, is found in the tissues/fluids (e.g. urine) of TB patients. A detailed investigation of the three interferometric immunoassays involves an Octet RED96 system (Pall ForteBio) equipped with amine-reactive (AR), aminopropylsilane (APS), and anti-human IgG Fc capture (AHC) biosensors. The newly uncovered clinical diagnostic method involving clinical urine samples suggest a much better sensitivity with indirect immobilization, presumably due to right orientation and high density attachment of the 2nd recognition layer. The linear correlation between the interferometry signal and acid-fast bacilli (AFB) staining stage suggest a robust TB diagnostic tool.

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