Chaperone Activity of alpha β-Crystallin Is Responsible for Its Incorrect Assignment as an Autoantigen in Multiple Sclerosis

Rothbard, J.B., et al., 186(7), 4263-4268, J Immunology, 2011

The authors study the role of alpha β-crystallin (also called Hsp B5) as an autoantigen in Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease. Octet platform binding assays were performed to show that binding of anti-HspB5 Abs from 23 MS patients binds not only HspB5, but cross-react with 7 other members of the Hsp family, and, that the binding is temperature dependent. This supports the authors' hypothesis that HspB5 binds antibodies more generally than believed and that this protein is likely not an autoantigen involved in MS.

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