Bio-Layer Interferometry of a Multivalent Sulfated Virus Nanoparticle with Heparin-Like Anticoagulant Activity

Groner M, etal., 407(19):5843-7, Anal Bioanal Chem, 2015

With the intention of finding an alternative to heparin, the authors investigated the feasibility of sulfated virus-like nanoparticles (sulf-VLP) using Pall ForteBio BLItz platform in the advanced kinetic mode. Although protamine is the ideal ligand, the authors decided to use CDK5 as an alternative cationic peptide due to its availability in biotinylated form. Biotinylated CDK5 captured onto Streptavidin biosensors was used in the affinity measurements against varying concentrations of VLP. The competitive binding was evaluated using protamine and antithrombin.

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