Autoantibodies to Variable Heavy (VH) Chain Ig Sequences in Humans Impact the Safety and Clinical Pharmacology of a VH Domain Antibody Antagonist of TNF-α Receptor 1

Holland M, et al., 33, 1192-1203, J Clin Immunol, 2013

The authors report on a series of clinical and in vitro studies that investigate the impact of HAVH (human anti-VH) autoantibodies on the pharmacology and safety of GSK1995057, an anti-TNFR1 VH domain antibody. HAVR autoantibody binding kinetics to GSK1995057 were evaluated on an Octet QK384 system using biotinylated GSK1995057-loaded Streptavidin biosensors and various concentrations of HAVR autoantibody.

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