A High-Throughput Platform for Population Reformatting and Mammalian Expression of Phage Display Libraries to Enable Functional Screening as Full-Length IgG

Xiao X, et al., 9(6):996-1006, MAbs, 2017

Phage display antibody libraries have become a powerful tool that can be used to rapidly select and evolve therapeutic and reagent antibodies. Authors have developed a novel high-throughput platform that would enable population reformatting of diverse scFv populations from phage selections into full-length IgG. This strategy preserves pairing of the variable heavy (VH) and variable light (VL) chains from phage libraries while maintaining the diversity of different sequences in a phage library output. Quantitation of IgG expression levels in cell culture supernatants were performed by using Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI). A Pall ForteBio Octet RED384 instrument equipped with Protein A (ProA) Biosensor probes was used to conduct the quantitation experiments. The binding of IgG to the ProA sensors was measured. The sample IgG concentrations were determined by using a standard curve. Overall findings of this study demonstrate that this new high-throughput platform lead to the discovery of diverse and functional antibodies that are comparable or better than those obtained by traditional methods.

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