A Dynamin Homolog Promotes the Transition from Hemifusion to Content Mixing in Intracellular Membrane Fusion

Kulkarni A, et al., 15(5):558-71, Traffic, 2014

Biochemical analysis of the dynamin homolog-Vps 1 (Vacuolar protein sorting 1) in yeast was performed to characterize the role of this protein on the lipid mixing and content mixing properties of yeast vacuoles and the incorporation of Soluble N-ethylmaleimide sensitive factor Attachment Protein Receptor (SNAREs) into fusogenic complexes. Binding kinetics studies for Vps 1 were performed on the Octet RED96 system. These studies provide further insight into the role of dynamin function in SNARE mediated fusion and fission equilibrium and regulation in yeast.

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