A Cysteine Zipper Stabilizes a Pre-Fusion F Glycoprotein Vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Stewart-Jones G, et al., 10(6):e0128779, PLoS One, 2015

The authors designed a cycteine zipper motif by carefully analyzing engineered coiled-coils for Respiratory Syncytial virus fusion (RSV F) glycoprotein and by studying the in vivo immunogenicity. They claim successful implementation of structure-based rational design to improve this RSV vaccine candidate. An Octet RED384 instrument equipped with anti-human Fc biosensor probes was used for the antigenic characterization. The probes initially loaded with Motavizumab IgG were used to capture RSV F variants. A dilution series of RSV F glycoproteins were titrated with D25 neutralizing antibody Fab using the Octet.

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