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Determining kinetics and affinities of protein interactions using a parallel real-time label-free biosensor, the Octet

Y Abdiche, D Malashock, A Pinkerton, J Pons - Analytical biochemistry, 2008 - Elsevier

… Abstract. ForteBio's Octet optical biosensor harnesses biolayer interferometry to detect and quantify molecular interactions using disposable fiber-optic biosensors that address samples from an open shaking microplate without any microfluidics …

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Exploring blocking assays using Octet, ProteOn, and Biacore biosensors

YN Abdiche, DS Malashock, A Pinkerton, J Pons - Analytical biochemistry, 2009 - Elsevier

… We describe three assay orientations that we term in tandem, premix, and classical sandwich blocking, and we perform each of them on three platforms: ForteBio's Octet QK, Bio-Rad's ProteOn XPR36, and GE Healthcare's Biacore 3000 …

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Detection of low-affinity anti-drug antibodies and improved drug tolerance in immunogenicity testing by Octet® biolayer interferometry

J Li, A Schantz, M Schwegler, G Shankar - Journal of pharmaceutical and …, 2011 - Elsevier

… The Octet ® System (FortéBio, Inc., Menlo Park, CA) is another biosensor technology that employs a related BLI system (for a comprehensive review of the principles of BLI, the reader is referred to a prior publication [20] or the manufacturer's website …

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Novartis Evaluation of the ForteBio Octet RED: A Versatile Instrument for Direct Binding Experiments

CW Meyerhofer, D Yao - Label-Free Technologies For Drug …, 2011 - Wiley Online

Library In the drug discovery process, label-free biophysical analysis of small molecule binding to a validated therapeutic target is emerging as an important research tool. Primary biochemical screening with small molecule libraries often generates numerous hits, including false …

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High-throughput sialylation measurement using lectins on an Octet platform for clone screening

KN Jonnalagadda, LRA Markely, B Guan, C Alves… - Analytical …, 2016 - … 2.2.

Titer analysis by using the ForteBio Octet QK384. The ForteBio Octet utilizes Bio-Layer Interferometry … and 85% humidity. 2.5. High throughput sialylation analysis by using the ForteBio Octet QK384 (HTFBS). The sialylation analysis is …

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Rapid Evaluation of Biosensor Chemistries: Octet and Multi-Analyte Software Tool Help Facilitate Development of Quantitation Assay

W McGinn-Straub - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 2011 -

… This tutorial describes the rapid evaluation (15 minutes) of biosensor chemistries for a quantitation assay on the ForteBio (www.forte Octet instrument using a multi-analyte workflow and demonstrating an accelerated pace of assay development …

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A simple and rapid detection of viral protein using RNA oligonucleotide in a biosensor

C Roh, SE Kim, SK Jo - Journal of analytical chemistry, 2012 - Springer

… is to investigate direct HCV viral protein detection from RNA protein interaction by streptavidin biotin conjugation method on forteBio's Octet optical bio … RNA oligonucleotide could be used as a probe for the detection of HCV viral protein NS3 on forte Bio's Octet optical biosensor …

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High throughput solution-based measurement of antibody-antigen affinity and epitope binning

P Estep, F Reid, C Nauman, Y Liu, T Sun, J Sun, Y Xu - MAbs, 2013 - Taylor & Francis

… SPR) are widely used for affin- ity measurements by monitoring dissociation and association events in real time, with affinity (KD) determined by the ratio of dissociation to association rate constants (kd/ka).2,3 BLI based instruments, such as ForteBio's Octet RED384, allow quick …

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Protuboxepin A, a marine fungal metabolite, inducing metaphase arrest and chromosomal misalignment in tumor cells

Y Asami, JH Jang, NK Soung, L He, DO Moon… - Bioorganic & medicinal …, 2012 - Elsevier

… Absorbance at 340 nm was measured every 1 min for 60 min. (B) The binding interactions were measured using the ForteBio's Octet system for the interaction between protuboxepin A and biotin labeled tubulin (20 μg/mL) that was immobilized on a Super Streptavidin (SSA) …

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Current biosensor technologies in drug discovery

A Matthew - Drug discovery, 2006 -

… EcoChemie Surface Plasmon Resonance AutoLab Espirit ForteBio Biolayer Interferometry Octet … ForteBio's Octet System can measure molecular interactions and can be used to determine affinity, kinetic analysis or concentration …

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Number of Citations*: 3620

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