What you will find in this eBook:

Learn how you can use absorbance microplate readers to get rapid and sensitive measurements of a variety of analytes across a wide range of concentrations for a wide range of assays, including ELISAs, microbial growth, detection of key compounds and contaminants, and protein quantitation.

Here, we highlight our various applications using SpectraMax® absorbance readers and SoftMax® Pro Software to illustrate how we help save you time and effort while easily generating the data you need.


  • Quantitate interleukin-8 concentrations with the SimpleStep ELISA kit
  • Measure total protein in cell lysates
  • Quantitate up to 64 samples with as little as 2 µL sample volume in a single read
  • Two Tech Tips on how to get the best quality DNA data


Sample pages

Nucleic Acid Quantitation on QuickDrop Spectophotometer
Nucleic Acid Quantitation
DNA Protein Detection on SpectraMax ABS Plus
High-throughput, Low Volume DNA and Protein Quantitation
Protein Cell Lysates with SpectraMax ABS Plus
Total Protein Quantitation in Cell Lysates
DNA and RNA Absorbance Measurements
Quantitating Nucleic Acids without Standard Curves
Absorbance Reader Solutions
Tech Tip: Best Quality DNA Values

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Streamline absorbance assays for nucleic acid & protein quantitation