Streamline beer, wine, and food quality control and safety analyses

Gain new insights with small but mighty absorbance microplate reader applications.

  • Seven food & beverage application snapshots
  • Streamlined workflows and applications to help you save time and resources
  • Data acquisition and analysis for regulated labs with SoftMax Pro Software
Streamline beer, wine, and food quality control

What you will find in this eBook

Learn how you can use absorbance microplate readers to streamline your beer, wine and food safety analyses using industry-standard approved methods.

Sample pages

Melamine standard curve demonstrating assay sensitivity

High-throughput melamine detection

Pyrochrome assay standard curve

Endotoxin testing in GLP/GMP labs

Beer gliadin and gluten analysis results

Gluten quantification in beer

Beer bitterness analysis results

Bitterness, color and FAN analysis in beer

MAD assay standard curve

L-Malic acid measurements in wine

Streamline beer, wine, and food quality control and safety analyses

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The SpectraMax ABS/ABS Plus Microplate Readers provide fast absorbance detection without the use of filters with monochromator-based wavelength selection for visible and UV-visible absorbance.

Eight Channel Optics


Plate reads as fast as five seconds

Microplate or Standard Cuvette


Use a 96- or 384-well microplate or a standard cuvette

PathCheck Sensor


Measures the optical pathlength of samples

SoftMax Pro Software

SoftMax Pro Software

Industry-leading data acquisition and analysis tool

GxP Compliance

GxP Compliance & Validation

Measurements verified with SpectraTest validation plate and software

Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation

Integrate with stackers and partner automation systems

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