New Biosensors expand applications for research and assay development

Jun 29, 2007

Anti-Murine IgG and Streptavidin High Binding FA Biosensors now available!!

In ForteBios' continuing effort to expand the applications on the Octet System, we are launching two new biosensors for the kinetic analysis and concentration determination for research, development and production of antibody and protein therapeutics.

The following Screening and Quantitation grade biosensors are now available for use on the Octet System.

Anti-Murine IgG Biosensors - Quantitation Grade

• Determine mouse or rat IgG concentration based on a standard calibration

• Dynamic range: 1-100 ug/mL
• Precision < 10% CV
• Compatible with sera, cell culture supernatants and hybridoma supernatants

Streptavidin High Binding FA Biosensors - Screening Grade

• Higher streptavidin density for increased immobilization capacity
• Screening grade biosensors have baselines that are stable for < 15 minutes
• Ideal for screening of proteins requiring higher signal to noise
• Ideal for custom quantitation assays using biotinylated proteins

The Octet System is a label-free, fluidics-free, real-time system for biomolecular interaction analysis of protein kinetics and quantitation. It is currently being used by both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in applications ranging from target ID and validation to bioprocess development .

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Contact Information :
Joy Concepcion
Product Manager

Contact Information 2:
Matthew Kirtley
Product Manager