Pall ForteBio Launches the Octet K2 System, Increasing Access to Sensitive Binding Interactions Analysis

Aug 04, 2015

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., August 4, 2015 — Pall ForteBio LLC, a leading supplier of instrumentation for accelerated drug discovery and development, today announced the launch of the Octet K2 system, a new entry point into the Octet line of label-free interaction analysis systems. Now available globally, the Octet K2 system offers high-performance, budget-friendly kinetic characterization of antibody, protein and small-molecule binding interactions.

Using Pall ForteBio’s Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology, all Octet systems offer a fluidics-free alternative to surface plasmon resonance with a variety of off-the-shelf Dip and Read™ biosensors for more rapid assay development and optimization. The Octet K2 system increases accessibility to BLI as a two-channel instrument that provides exquisite binding affinity data, for molecules down to 150 daltons in size.

"Label-free users in academia and at startup biotech companies have historically been stuck between choosing to pay a premium for capacity they will never use or to settle for a lower-performance ‘starter’ system,” commented Robert Wicke, General Manager at Pall ForteBio. “The Octet K2 system offers scientists throughput to meet their budget without compromising assay sensitivity."

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