ForteBio Launches New Biosensors to Increase the Flexibility of the Octet System

Dec 07, 2006

MENLO PARK, Calif. — December 7, 2006 — ForteBio, Inc. announced today the launch of the Amine Reactive and Protein A Biosensors for use on ForteBio's Octet System, a label-free, real-time detection system for the analysis of molecular interactions. The new biosensors expand the menu of Octet applications, providing convenient kinetic analysis and concentration determination for the development of antibody and protein therapeutics.

The ForteBio Octet System is currently used by both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in applications ranging from target validation to process monitoring. With the new Amine Reactive Biosensors, customers can analyze a wider range of kinetic interactions by directly coupling the target molecule of their choice using familiar techniques.

“The Amine Reactive Biosensors create a more open platform that enables a wider variety of proteins to be directly coupled to the biosensors for the Octet System,” said Winnie Wan, CEO of ForteBio, Inc. “This enhancement provides users the flexibility and throughput in kinetic analyses that can support all phases of bioprocessing for selection, screening and validation of therapeutics undergoing development and production.”

The Amine Reactive Biosensors can be derivatized individually or in batch mode using a standard coupling chemistry, which maximizes both flexibility and throughput on the Octet System. Customers are already using the Octet System with Amine Reactive Biosensors to accelerate their clonal selection and screening protein affinities. Kinetic analysis on the Octet System is simple, convenient and easily scaled to match workflow.

ForteBio has also further expanded its Octet System menu with the launch of the Protein A Biosensors for measuring antibody concentrations in the development and production of therapeutics. By expanding the dynamic range for quantitation, Protein A Biosensors have broad applications for both upstream and downstream bioprocessing. They are easy to use with minimal sample preparation and up to 96 determinations in about 30 minutes. With rapid and accurate turnaround of results, Protein A Biosensors are used in process development laboratories to monitor bioreactor production and to optimize downstream processing such as purification.

A customer presentation and exhibit of ForteBio's Octet System will be at the IBC Antibody Engineering Conference in San Diego, December 10 through 14, Booth 301.

About ForteBio, Inc.

ForteBio is a venture-capital funded life science company providing analytical systems to accelerate the development of therapeutics. These systems enable real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions providing information on affinity, kinetics and concentration. Most importantly, ForteBio's analytical capabilities enable better and faster characterization of drug candidates, thus providing greater value in drug development applications where existing methods have limitations in throughput, performance and cost. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California with a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai, China. For more information, please visit

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