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Jan 29 – Jan 29, 2020

Integrating Octet into Early Antibody Discovery Workflows

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As industry-wide advancements in antibody drug discovery continue to push toward larger panels of candidates for early-stage characterization, more efficient identification of lead molecules through enhanced screening resolution is required. Integrating instruments like the Octet into the overall characterization workflow enables reliable, high throughput selection of lead candidates more effectively than alternative traditional techniques. This presentation will highlight a few unique methods of Octet utilization as a replacement or supplemental tool for various antibody discovery protocols. Comparisons across platforms, including traditional ELISA, flow cytometry, spotting and SPR platforms, and in vivo studies will be presented.


Date: Wednesday, Jan. 29th, 7am PST / 10am EST

Speaker: Colby Souders PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Abveris Antibody


Andrew Speaker

Colby Souders PhD ,Chief Scientific Officer, Abveris Antibody