Choosing A Label-Free System That's Right for You

Looking to add new capabilities to your lab for affinity and interactions analysis and want to make sure your instrument investment doesn’t sit unused? Learn more about the leading technologies employed in label-free detection, key applications, and crucial considerations for avoiding buyer’s remorse.

Label-Free System

What you will find in this eBook

Biological binding interactions are dynamic and driven by changes to the environment. Techniques for characterizing these interactions need to mirror this biological complexity to divine a more thorough understanding.

This ebook explains the underlying basis for making label-free measurements, their inherent advantages and disadvantages, and highlights how these can be applied in the lab.

Sample pages

Label-free Detection for Binding Intraction
Why Label-Free Detection?
Octet Systems
Key System Attributes 1
Kinetic Binding Experiment
Key System Attributes 2
Sandwich Assay to Quantitate Protein A
Featured Applications
Octet Instruments
Instrument Families

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