Axon Patch-Clamp

Systems for whole cell patch-clamp, extracellular, and single-channel recordings

The Axon Instruments® portfolio provides comprehensive solutions for patch-clamping that includes amplifiers, digitizer, software, and accessories. Our best-in-class instruments facilitate the entire range of patch-clamp technique experiments from the smallest single-channel to the largest macroscopic recordings. With the addition of Axon™ pCLAMP™ 11 Software Suite for acquisition, recording and analysis, a truly streamlined workflow is realized.

  • Eliminate line-frequency noise

    The HumSilencer™ feature removes 50/60 hz line-frequency noise on up to four channels in parallel. The function is quickly enabled through a software checkbox.

  • Minimize signal-to-noise ratio

    The Axopatch™ 200B Amplifier offers one of the lowest-noise, single-channel recordings available via an innovative actively cooled headstage with capacitor-feedback technology.

  • Streamline workflows

    pCLAMP Software offers a selection of modules and tools that simplifies setup and enables automation of parameters.


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