Axon Instruments Patch-Clamp Amplifiers
Axon Patch-Clamp Amplifiers

Axon Instruments Patch-Clamp Amplifiers

Patch-clamp amplifiers from single channel, whole-cell, and two electrode recordings

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Patch-clamp amplifiers from single channels to large macroscopic recordings

The Axon Instruments® series of amplifiers provide best-in-class solutions for the entire range of patch-clamp experiments. The portfolio of amplifiers includes Axopatch™ 200B for ultra low-noise single-channel recordings, MultiClamp™ 700B for whole-cell voltage-clamp and high-speed current-clamp recordings, and Axoclamp™ 900A for two-electrode voltage-clamp and current-clamp recordings.

Noise Cancelling Icon

Maximize signal to noise ratio

The Axopatch 200B Capacitor Feedback Patch Clamp Amplifier offers one of the lowest-noise single-channel recordings available via innovative capacitor-feedback technology.

Scalable Icon

Perform multi-channel experiments

The MultiClamp 700B Microelectrode Amplifier enables whole-cell voltage-clamp and current-clamp recordings. It is the most versatile amplifier in the portfolio.

Measure Icon

Measure large currents

Large output compliance range of our Axoclamp 900A Microelectrode Amplifier facilitates the measurement of large and rapid voltage-clamp and current-clamp recordings.


Environmental Control Icon

Actively cooled headstage

The Axopatch 200B amplifier features proprietary technology that provides active headstage cooling that reduces electrical noise close to the theoretical limits of physics.

Software Icon

Software control of settings

The MultiClamp 700B and Axoclamp 900A amplifiers offer software control. Software control streamlines setup, and enables automation of parameters, telegraphing, and advanced protocols.

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Support up to four headstages

The MultiClamp 700B supports up to two primary CV-7B headstages and two optional auxiliary headstages (HS-2 or VG-2 type) enabling multi-channel recording for cellular network studies.

Breadth Icon

Large output compliance range

The Axoclamp 900A amplifier supports the measurement of larger currents and ensures faster clamp speed (±180 V in TEVC and HVIC modes).

Scalable Icon

Multiple modes of operation

The Axoclamp 900A amplifier offers 5 modes of operation: current clamp, discontinuous current clamp, two-electrode voltage clamp, discontinuous single-electrode voltage clamp, high-voltage current clamp.

Data Icon

Works with any data acquisition system

The family of amplifiers integrates with most data acquisition programs. The pCLAMP™ 11 Software and DigiData® 1550B system for data acquisition and analysis provide optimal performance.

Which amplifier is right for me?

Axopatch 200B Amplifier
MultiClamp 700B Amplifier
Axoclamp 900A Amplifier
Single-channel recording
Whole-cell voltage-clamp
Whole-cell current-clamp
Bilayer study
Extracellular field-potential recording
Amperometry/voltammetry study
Nanopore study
Intracellular sharp-electrode recording
Two-electrode voltage-clamp recording

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What is the best amplifier for doing slice recording?

MultiClamp 700B amplifier is the best fit for your application. It comes with two headstages and is ideal for both voltage-clamp and current-clamp recording.

Is it possible to switch between voltage and current clamp mode automatically in the MultiClamp 700B amplifier?

Yes, it can be done. The auto mode switching feature in the MultiClamp 700B amplifier allows automatic switching between voltage and current clamp mode or vice versa. The mode-switching checkbox on the Commander software is required to be enabled.

How do I get a “Fresh Start” for MultiClamp 700B Commander software?

On the top row of the MultiClamp 700B commander software, there is a list of icons. The fifth icon is the Reset to Program Defaults button. Click this button to restore the default settings for MultiClamp 700B Commander software.

The overload light illuminates on my amplifier when the pipette is immersed into the bath solution. What should I do?

The first thing to try is to replace the grounding cable/electrode or the bath reference electrode pellet/wire. If you use an agar bridge as the grounding/reference electrode, replace it with a fresh one. Second, clean the electrode holder. Disassemble the electrode holder, rinse all parts in distilled water several times and dry all holder parts thoroughly and reassemble.

What is liquid junction potential? How does it form in a patch clamp experiment? Should it be corrected or not?

When two solutions having different ionic concentrations and mobilities are in contact, a liquid junction potential (LJP) is formed between these two solutions. This happens when the patch pipette comes into contact with the bath solution. When the patch pipette is first inserted in the bath, there are voltage offsets that are corrected by the amplifier when the current is zeroed (i.e., in voltage-clamp mode). The offsets consist of LJPs and potential differences between solid electrodes and the solutions they are in contact with.

After achieving a high resistance seal (gigaseal) with the membrane, the pipette solution is effectively no longer in direct contact with the bath solution. Thus, its LJP disappears, but its compensating amplifier offset remains. Therefore, the LJP should be taken into consideration for correction or not. How large the liquid junction potential between two solutions depends on the difference in ionic concentration and mobilities. If it is very small, it might be neglected and not be corrected. However, if it is a large value, uncorrected LJP might affect accurate measurements, such as the IV plot and reversal potential. It is absolutely required to be corrected.

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Nichelle Jackson-University of Michigan use our Axon instruments to investigate NMDAR receptor blockers


University of Michigan use our Axon instruments to investigate NMDAR receptor blockers

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Applications of Axon Instruments Patch-Clamp Amplifiers

Specifications & Options of Axon Instruments Patch-Clamp Amplifiers

* Holding level, current passing, filter option, multiple signal outputs, pipette offset, fast and whole cell capacitance compensation, series compensation, pipette neutralization, bridge balance

Resources of Axon Instruments Patch-Clamp Amplifiers

Number of Citations*: 38,400

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Axon Instruments Patch-Clamp Amplifiers


Part Number
Axoclamp 900A Headstage HS-9A X0.1U
x0.1 headstage
Axoclamp 900A Headstage HS-9A X1U
x1 headstage
Axoclamp 900A Headstage HS-9A X10U
x10 headstage
Axoclamp 900A Headstage VG-9A X10U
x10 virtual ground headstage
Axoclamp 900A Headstage VG-9A X100U
x100 virtual ground headstage
MultiClamp 700B Headstage CV-7B
Patch-clamp headstage
MultiClamp 700B Headstage CV-7B/BL
Bilayer headstage
MultiClamp 700B Headstage CV-7B/EC
Electrochemistry headstage

Electrode holders, adapters, and holder components

Part Number
Electrode Holder for U-Type Headstages
Fits glass pipettes with outer diameter of 1.0 - 1.7 mm
Electrode Holder Replacement Caps
Set of 2 polycarbonate caps for HL-U holders
Cone Washers 1.1mm ID
Set of 10 orange cone washers for HL-U holders, fit glass with outer diameter of 1.0 - 1.1 mm
Cone Washers 1.3mm ID
Set of 10 orange cone washers for HL-U holders, fit glass with outer diameter of 1.1 - 1.3 mm
Cone Washers 1.5mm ID
Set of 10 orange cone washers for HL-U holders, fit glass with outer diameter of 1.3 - 1.5 mm
Cone Washers 1.7mm ID
Set of 10 orange cone washers for HL-U holders, fit glass with outer diameter of 1.5 - 1.7 mm
Pins 1mm for HL-U Holders
Set of 3 brass pins for HL-U holders, 1mm
2mm Plugs with Solder Cups
Set of 5 general purpose gold plugs, 2mm, with solder cups
Silver Wire
Set of 5 Ag wires, 0.25mm diameter, 50mm long
Silicone Tubing for Silver Wire
1mm ID x 70mm Long Silicone Tubing
Silver/Silver Chloride Pellet Assemblies
Set of 3 Ag/AgCl pellet assemblies
Adapter For BNC Holders To U-Type Headstages
Connects BNC holders to CV and HS headstages with threaded collets (U-type)
Right-Angle Adapter for HL-U Electrode Holders
Fits CV and HS headstages with threaded collets (U-type)

Model Cells

Part Number
Model Cell for Oocytes
Axoclamp/ GeneClamp model cell for oocytes. Connects to U-type HS series headstages
Model Cell for TEVC / DSEVC
Axoclamp/ GeneClamp model cell for two-electrode voltage clamp/ discontinuous single-electrode voltage-clamp conditions. Connects to U-type HS series headstages
Model Cell for Whole Cell/ Single Channels
Axopatch/ GeneClamp/ MultiClamp model cell for whole-cell / single-channel patch-clamp conditions. Connects to U-type CV series headstages
Model Cell for Bilayers
Axopatch/ GeneClamp/ MultiClamp model cell for bilayer conditions. Connects to U-type CV series headstages


Part Number
Cable To Connect Axoclamp 2 Headstages To Axoclamp 900A Amplifier
Allows Axoclamp 2 headstages (HS-2, VG-2) to be used on Axoclamp 900A Amplifiers


Part Number
SoftPanel Amplifier Control Unit
Provides physical knob and button control for computer-controlled Axoclamp 900-series and MultiClamp 700-series amplifiers. Requires a USB connection.
Remote Buzz For Axoclamp 900A
Hand-held buzz duration control for Axoclamp 900A Amplifier (1-50ms)
Silver/Silver Chloride Pellet Assemblies
Set of 3 Ag/AgCl pellet assembly and Ag wire