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Providing innovative solutions for over 30 years

We provide our customers with innovative bioanalytical solutions for protein and cell biology in life science research, pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic development.

With over 140,000 placements in laboratories around the world, our instruments have contributed to remarkable scientific research described in over 230,000+  peer reviewed publications. Included within a broad product portfolio are platforms for high-throughput screening, genomic and cellular analysis, colony selection and microplate detection. We are over 1,100 associates strong with rich domain knowledge to support scientific breakthroughs. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, the center of technology and innovation, with offices around the globe.

Innovations with Ed Begley

Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. featuring Molecular Devices

Innovations TV tours our corporate offices and laboratories in San Jose, California to demonstrate how new technologies enable great insights. Greg Milosevich, President of Molecular Devices provides an overview of our sophisticated portfolio and its impact on the development of novel therapeutics. Fabian Zanella Ph.D., Director of R&D for StemoniX Inc., a leading provider of ready-to-use preclinical plates of biologically-relevant human micro-organs, speaks to the latest advancements in stem cell research. Zanella also explains the importance of sophisticated instrumentation in the fast-paced environment of cell biology.

First microplate reader in space

Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5e reader, chosen for its durability, became the first microplate reader in space in May 2011. NanoRacks, a leading provider of commercial pathway solutions aboard the International Space Station, added the reader to their line of commercial research hardware, providing researchers the ability to conduct microplate reader experiments in microgravity for the first time.


They reconfigured the reader to operate comfortably in the zero-gravity environment of the space station. Upgrades included temperature control and the ability to configure every aspect of the researcher’s experiment from an Earth-based workstation using SoftMax® Pro, the leading data acquisition and analysis software. NanoRacks re-launched the reconfigured SpectraMax M5e reader back to the International Space Station on the SpaceX Commercial Resupply Mission-9 on July 18, 2016.

Integrity & Compliance

Danaher Integrity & Compliance

Please visit www.danaher.com/how-we-work/integrity-and- compliance for a copy of our Standards of Conduct, to make a report on the Danaher Integrity and Compliance Helpline, and for details regarding Danaher and its subsidiaries’ compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.

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Our Patents

At Molecular Devices, we provide one of the widest ranges of bioanalytical systems for life science and drug discovery research available from a single supplier. Our systems are built on proprietary technology platforms that deliver high performance, flexibility, and reliability. Some of our key patented technologies can be viewed here. For more information about any of these technologies, please contact us directly.


Our Leadership

Our diverse experience, business insights, and a shared purpose drive our everyday decisions to encourage our employees to reach their maximum potential.

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Aug 01, 2019

Molecular Devices introduces the FLIPR Penta system

Jun 04, 2019

Molecular Devices Announces the Appointment of Susan Murphy as President

Dec 11, 2018

Molecular Devices launches new environmental control and z-stack acquisition for ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System

Sep 24, 2019

Ilmac 2019

Sep 25, 2019

CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference (CICON)

Oct 1, 2019

SynBioBeta: The Global Synthetic Biology Summit



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