ClonePix 2 Mammalian Colony Picker

ClonePix 2

The ClonePix™ 2 Mammalian Colony Picker is a fully automated system for the selection of high-value clones used in antibody discovery and cell line development.

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DispenCell Single Cell Dispenser

The DispenCell™ Single-Cell Dispenser is an automated laboratory instrument designed for fast, easy and gentle single-cell isolation. DispenCell integrates seamlessly into your laboratory workflow, with a plug-and-play approach. Flexible and effortless, DispenCell operates equally under sterile conditions in a culture hood, or on a simple benchtop.

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CloneSelect Imager

CloneSelect Imager

The CloneSelect™ Imager is a high-throughput automated solution for imaging and analyzing mammalian cells. Tracking the formation of a colony from a single cell is effortless as barcoded plates are tracked over time.

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QPix 400 Series Microbial Colony Pickers

QPix 400

The QPix™ 400 Series Microbial Colony Pickers combine intelligent image analysis with precise automation for fast and efficient screening of large libraries.

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